How to Put Out a Cigar Properly for Later: 4 Ways

Even though it’s a common scene in movies, don’t snuff out the end of your cigar in an ashtray when you’re done smoking. It appears irritated and unthankful for all the effort that went into creating that cigar.

how to put out a cigar
how to put out a cigar

Your cigar can be extinguished by stopping to puff and placing it in your ashtray, waiting for it to extinguish. Remember that you shouldn’t let the Cigar burn out entirely. Choosing the cigar according to the time you must smoke is always advisable. But there are times, though, when you have to stop smoking and don’t want to throw away the last Cigar.

Then don’t stress over it. We are available to assist you. I’ve gathered the best tips for this issue in this detailed article.

Let’s start then;

1. When to put out a Cigar?

Fans vigorously dispute when it is acceptable in society to extinguish a cigar. They also argue over cigar holding techniques. Most people concur that smoking a cigar down seems impolite. When two to four inches of cigar remain, you can let it burn out on its own if you’ve had enough of the flavour.

It’s acceptable to stop smoking early and resume later if you need to take a break from it in the middle. Avoid letting it sit open for over thirty minutes before putting it back in the ashtray.

how to put out a cigar1
how to put out a cigar

2. How to Put Out a Cigar for Later?

When you’re done smoking your cigar, you must properly and safely put it out. When learning how to extinguish a cigar, remember that cigars eventually burn out on their own. The purpose of cigar ashtrays is to contain a cigar so it can extinguish itself securely.

a. Place in the ashtray

The ideal method for extinguishing a cigar is to place it in an ashtray and allow it to go out independently. If you stop blowing air through it, it will finally stop burning after a few minutes.

how to put out a cigar2
how to put out a cigar

Every cigar smoker has to put down a cigar midway. So, if you have questioned, “How can I save it for future use?” then here are tips;

  • Allow it to burn naturally in the ashtray.
  • Slice the cigar past the line of ash.
  • Put it in an airtight tube case, a freezer bag, or its tube wrapper.
  • Never place anything back in your humidifier.

When stored in this manner, a cigar will not last 48 hours. It will be “average” if you decide to smoke it during this period. Furthermore, since all of your cigar’s delectable flavours would have been tainted, it isn’t even worth it.

b. Store in Humidor

Another alternative method to put up your cigar is preserving your half-smoked cigar for a later date by using a humidor. And before storing your cigar in the humidor, wrap it in a plastic bag or aluminum foil. In the absence of a humidor, this will assist in keeping the cigar wet.

how to put out a cigar3
how to put out a cigar

c. Cigar Snuffer

The cigar sniffer is a cylindrical tube that has an interior circumferential rib. It compresses the unburned tobacco to create an air seal inside the cigar’s substance and around its edges. You can put out a cigar that you want to smoke later in this manner. With the foot facing down, place the cigar in the snuffer’s opening and gently press.

Combining a snuffer with a cigar tube is another variation of the snuffer. This product will assist you in extinguishing your cigar and preserve its freshness for a while.

how to put out a cigar6
how to put out a cigar

d. Glass of Water

This method should only be used when you’re pressed for time. It will be entirely extinguished after dipping the smoldering cigar into a glass of water.

3. How Long Does A Cigar Last After Being Put Out?

A cigar can last for weeks after it is put out if it is kept correctly in a humidor or plastic bag. But in a matter of days, an improperly stored cigar will dry out and lose its flavour.

4. How to Save the Cigar for Later?

Please don’t put it again in your humidifier. This is among the most crucial pieces of advice. It will ruin your other cigars as well as your humidor. The second crucial piece of advice is to preserve cigars only that you are certain will taste well after being re-lit.

how to put out a cigar6
how to put out a cigar

a. Chop and Tumble It

To keep the tar and oils from getting into the unburned tobacco, cut the cigar 1/4 inch behind the burn line. It would be best to have fresh tobacco to maintain the cigar’s characteristics. We’re hoping you can cut a cigar. A cigar guillotine cutter without a backstop is the ideal tool. Blow through the cigar once or twice to ensure no more smoke between the tobacco leaves.

b. Keep the Half-Smoked Cigar Stored

We’ll say it again: don’t keep partially smoked cigars in your humidifier. It can be kept in a zip-lock bag or cigar tube. Wherever the stick is stored, the humidity level must be about 70%. Additionally, Boveda packs work very well with travel humidors and zip-lock bags. If you haven’t smoked a cigar, store it this way.

how to put out a cigar6
how to put out a cigar

c. Try to smoke it as soon as possible

It would help if you smoked your half-smoked cigars within a few days of putting it out after completing all the prior processes. The explanation for this is straightforward: the smoke that permeates the longfiller tobacco chars a cigar when lit and smoked for a while.

The integrity of the mix is altered as a result, and the qualities alter more over time. Additionally, the response to how quickly cigars dry out can indicate the ideal time to wait before relighting the story.

how to put out a cigar7
how to put out a cigar

5. How to use a Cigar again that was put out?

You will need to purge your cigar if you let it go out on its own and then decide to light it again, even if it’s 20 minutes or less lately.

  • Before puffing it again, clear it out.
  • It is vital to remove any contaminants that may have developed over time by purging a cigar before lighting it again. This will guarantee a pleasant and clean smoke.
  • Hold it between your thumb and fingers, blow it out, and relight it to accomplish this.
  • By the end, hold onto your cigar.
  • Bring it up to your lips.
  • Without letting it come into contact with the cigar, move the flame of the torch lighter closer.
  • Gently blow into the cigar until the flame returns to nearly straightness.

This will assist you in clearing the tainted gas that gathered as a result of letting it burn out. It will lessen some of the bitterness and introduce new oxygen.

The bottom line

Though, Cigars are best smoked in one sitting, but if you put out a half-smoked cigar gently, you can save it for a later time. After letting the cigar burn out naturally, trim it to approximately a half-inch past the ash line. Re-entering the humidor with a cigar could contaminate the other cigars with its flavour. Rather, place the cigar inside a tightly sealed plastic bag. Consume the cigar in its entirety within a day for optimal outcomes. If you wait more than 48 hours, the flavour may become stale.

If a cigar goes out of control, it can be re-lit by trimming the final half inch and placing it over a flame. You will find it difficult to relight the cigar if you made the error of stubbing it out, as tobacco will fall out.

Keep enjoying.

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