Qué es el puré de puros y cómo se utiliza

The Cigar Punch and the cigar cutter perform the same function, both are used to cut cigars. We’ll talk more about how to use it, as well as the other types of cigar cutter in the article.

Hi, I’m Wade. Using Cigar Punch is all too familiar to me as I’ve been working with it for over 20 years.

Let’s look at it together.

What is Cigar Punch

A cigar punch is a type of cigar cutter designed to create a small, circular hole in the cap of a cigar.

what is cigar punch

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How to use cigar punch (step by step)

Using a cigar punch is a straightforward process that enhances the smoking experience by creating a clean and precise cut. Follow these steps to use a cigar punch correctly:

1. Choose the Right Punch

Select a punch cutter suitable for the ring gauge of your cigar. Punch cutters come in various sizes, so ensure it matches the cigar’s diameter.

2. Prepare the Cigar

Inspect the cigar for any imperfections or damage on the cap. Ensure the cap is clean and dry before cutting.

3. Position the Punch

Place the bladed end of the punch against the center of the cigar cap. It should be perpendicular to the cigar to ensure an even cut.

4. Pierce the Cap

Apply gentle pressure and slowly twist the punch in a back-and-forth motion. Do not push too hard to avoid cracking the wrapper. The blade should penetrate the cap just enough to create a clean hole.

5. Remove the Punch

Carefully pull out the punch cutter, taking with it the cut portion of the cap. Discard any wrapper remnants that come off with the punch.

6. Inspect the Cut

Check the hole to ensure it’s clean and free of loose tobacco. The draw should feel consistent and unobstructed.

7. Start disfrutar del puro.

Why Cut a Cigar with a punch cutter?

There are several advantages to using a cigar punch to cut cigars, clean cut, controlled draw, enhanced flavor, portability and versatility, and reduced risk of overcutting.

Clean Cut: A cigar punch provides a cleaner cut compared to other methods, reducing the risk of damaging the cigar’s wrapper and minimizing the loss of tobacco.

Controlled Draw: The small hole created by a punch cutter allows for a more controlled and often tighter draw, which can concentrate the flavor and intensity of the smoke.

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Enhanced Flavor: By exposing less filler and binder, a cigar punch can enhance the flavor experience, making the smoke richer and more intense.

Portability and Versatility: Cigar punches are typically small and easy to carry, making them a convenient tool for cigar enthusiasts on the go.

Reduced Risk of Overcutting: The precision of a cigar punch helps prevent overcutting, which can spoil the smoking experience by causing the cigar to unravel or burn too quickly.

Different types of cigar cutter

There are four types of Cigar cutters: Guillotine (Straight) Cutter, Punch Cutter, V-Cutter, and Cigar Scissors.

Guillotine cigar cutter

  • Description: A cutter with one or two sharp blades that make a clean, straight cut across the cigar’s cap.
  • Best For: Various ring gauges.
  • Provides a clean cut, allowing for a full draw.
  • Requires precision to avoid cutting too much or too little.

How to use Guillotine cigar cutter?

  1. Hold the cigar firmly near the head. Place the cigar’s cap into the cutter’s opening. Ensure that the cutter’s blades align just above the shoulder of the cap (the rounded end of the cigar) .
  2. Apply a firm, swift pressure to the cutter to make a clean, straight cut. Avoid twisting or moving the cigar during the cut to prevent tearing the wrapper.
  3. Inspect the cut to ensure it is clean and straight. A proper cut will expose the filler tobacco without damaging the wrapper.
guillotine cigar cutter

Punch Cutter

  • Description: Uses a cylindrical blade to punch a small hole in the cigar’s cap.
  • Best For: Larger ring gauge cigars.
  • Creates a tighter draw, concentrates f
  • Not suitable for tapered cigars, can cause clogging if the hole is too small.

How to use Punch Cutter?

  1. Select a punch cutter that matches the diameter of your cigar.
  2. Hold the cigar firmly and place the bladed end of the punch cutter against the center of the cigar’s cap. Ensure the blade is properly aligned.
  3. Apply gentle pressure and slowly twist the punch cutter back and forth. Be cautious not to press too hard to avoid damaging the cigar.
  4. Continue twisting until the blade penetrates the cap to the desired depth. Gently pull the cutter out, bringing with it the cut portion of the cap. This should leave a clean, circular hole in the cigar cap.
punch cutter2

V cigar cutter

  • Description: Creates a V-shaped cut in the cigar cap.
  • Best For: Smaller ring gauge cigars.
  • Provides a concentrated draw and enhances flavor.
  • Requires skill to avoid cracking the cigar.

How to cut a cigar with V cigar cutter

  1. Place the cigar’s cap firmly in the V-shaped blade of the cutter.
  2. Clamp down on the cutter to slice through the cigar’s cap. Depending on the cigar size, this might require applying some muscle.
  3. Examine the Cut: Ensure the wrapper is not damaged and that the cut is clean.
v cigar cutter

Tijeras para puros

  • Description: Precision scissors designed to cut the cap of larger cigars.
  • Best For: Large cigars.
  • Allows for precise cuts.
  • Less portable, requires more skill

How to ues Cigar Scissors?

  1. Hold the cigar firmly and introduce the head (closed end) of the cigar into the opening of the scissors. Ensure that only the cigar’s end is in the blades’ cutting path.
  2. Moisten the cap with your saliva to prevent cracking.
  3. Bring the blades into contact with the wrapper leaf and twist slightly to score the leaf.
  4. Maintain pressure on the blades and snap the scissors closed swiftly to complete the cut. Ensure that you cut just past the cap without cutting too deep to avoid unraveling the wrapper.
cigar scissors


Hello, this is the end of the article, we have deeply explained that there are four types of cigar cutters and how to use them. I am sure you have learned it after reading it.

If you still have any questions, we welcome you to leave us a comment below.


How to cut a cigar without a cutter

Cortar un puro without a dedicated cutter can be done using a few alternative methods.

  • Using a Knife or Blade.
  • Using a Sharp Object.
  • Using Your Thumbnail.
  • Biting the Cap.
  • Using Scissors.

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