2024 Woodronic Humidor Review: Axinite A5045


We are pleased to offer our in-depth analysis of the Woodronic Humidor Axinite A5045 following rigorous testing. We have had the opportunity to evaluate this humidor’s features, functionality, and general performance in-depth thanks to our hands-on expertise.

We’ve examined every facet of the Axinite A5045, from its sophisticated design to the expert engineering of its essential parts, to give you a thorough understanding of its capabilities. Come along as we get into the specifics of our testing and examine the reasons why this humidor is unique among cigar storage options.

Let’s dive into the details and discover what sets this humidor apart from the rest.

Axinite A5045 Woodronic Humidor

Woodronic Cigar Cabinet Humidor for 200-250 Cigars

  • $399

Woodronic Cigar Humidor Cabinet for 100-150 Cigars

  • $179.99

1. Features

The exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated design of the Axinite A5045 left us in awe immediately. The humidor’s exquisite finish and high-quality wood construction lend a touch of refinement to any area. The overall build is quite durable and shows great attention to detail.

Type: Desktop humidor;

Capacity: 150 cigars, depending on the vitola.

Manufacturer: Woodronic;

Country of Origin: The U.S.A.;

Humidification: Yes, two crystal gel humidifiers;

Hygrometer: Yes, a digital thermo-hygrometer;

Water tank capacity: No water tank included;

Temperature control: No;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 10.25/10.25/13.75;

Noise level: 0 dB;

Power supply: No power source required.

Thermometer: Yes, a digital thermo-hygrometer.

2. Key Features:

  • Digital thermo-hygrometer.
  • Double humidifiers.
  • Tight magnetic door.
  • Brass quadrant hinge that absorbs shocks.
  • Three large drawers.

3. Key characteristics

This humidor has several important characteristics that improve its performance. Your cigars will be preserved in ideal conditions thanks to the dependable humidification system with the Axinite A5045. Because the humidor has a precision hygrometer and thermometer that make monitoring simple, we are confident that it will be able to maintain the ideal conditions for our cigars.

Axinite A5045 Woodronic Humidor

4. Packaging and Unboxing

It was a good feeling to open up the Axinite A5045. Despite this, it showed that the brand packaged the product securely and organized it perfectly – a premium product. When the unboxing process finally started, we got a humidor that had been thoroughly packed.

This is only meant to add to our excitement levels. A package containing an instruction manual that was easy to read took us through unboxing giving us a positive impression as we moved towards usage.

5. Capacity

The Axinite A5045 has a big capacity and can contain 150 cigars. It has a good design and an interior layout that allows for efficient organization without sacrificing storage space. Adjustable shelves give the option for fitting various sizes of the cigar perfectly. Whether your preference is the Robusto or the Churchill cigars, this humidor has the flexibility that allows it to handle even a wide variety.

Axinite A5045 Woodronic Humidor

6. Exterior

Axinite A 5045 comes with a classic, yet modern exterior design. It has a quality wooden finish, making it an elegant addition to any space. This is exemplified in the emphasis put on perfection in designing the outer appearance, which represents the company’s commitment to having both aesthetic and functional humidors.

Gold-plated hardware adds to this elegant look, giving it more sophistication for a cigar enthusiast’s environment.

7. Interior

The construction of the interior of the humidor is carefully planned inside. Spanish cedar lining gives additional beauty and supports aging of cigars on the hummers. The wood adds to the delicate smell hence making the experience more enjoyable.

The inside structure is flexible, giving the opportunity to design it according to one’s interests, the number of cigars in each collection, and so forth.

Axinite A5045 Woodronic Humidor

8. Humidification System

The smooth running and efficiency of the humidification system of Axinite A5045 are exceptional. It works invisibly behind keeping a constant humidity level of your cigars. Indeed, the refilling of the well-designed water reservoir would be quite straightforward. In addition, it proves that the humidor creates minor disturbances in the storage atmosphere and illustrates its ease of operation.

The uniformity of humidity level in the chamber makes it a credible and appreciative system since all your cigars age perfectly well.

9. Hygrometer

Including a precision hygrometer Axinite A5045 takes the game to another level. The device is accurate and easy to read, providing immediate insights into the current state of its interior conditions. It is positioned directly within the humidor so you can easily check without moving the cigars.

The addition of digital displays contributes a contemporary aspect. This makes it possible for anyone who wants to maintain the optimum humidity levels easily. The hygrometer is an instrument and a trustworthy associate to ensure that cigars are stored within the appropriate ambiance.

Axinite A5045 Woodronic Humidor

10. Thermometer

The thermometer that has been incorporated into the Axinite A5045 improves the humidor, as it does not just measure temperature alone. Accuracy provides additional confidence that the inside temp will support proper cigar storage. Placing of the thermometer thoughtfully gives a complete picture of the internal climate allowing them to change accordingly.

A big and bold display for easy temperature monitoring, suitable for newbies and experts in the cigar world. The optimal temperature of a cigar is maintained when using this thermometer, which becomes routine.

Axinite A5045 Woodronic Humidor

11. Thermostat

The Axinite A5045’s seamless integration of its hygrometer, temperature, and humidification system makes up for the absence of an integrated thermostat. This mixture allows the humidor to continue preserving the ideal environment for storing cigars.

Remarkably, the lack of a thermostat did not diminish the overall performance. The humidor’s easy-to-use controls and monitoring systems enable customers to effortlessly establish and preserve the ideal humidity level for their cigars. The careful planning that went into the layout and integration of these parts shows a dedication to usefulness and efficiency in protecting your valuable cigar collection.

Axinite A5045 Woodronic Humidor

12. Seal

The airtight seal of the Axinite A5045 is more than just a feature; it’s a symbol of superb craftsmanship. The seal’s meticulous design demonstrates Woodronic’s dedication to producing a humidor that surpasses expectations.

In addition to guaranteeing that the ideal humidity levels are maintained, this seal serves as a watchful defender, averting any variations that could compromise the quality of your prized cigars. The extreme care and attention to detail that goes into creating such a tight seal adds an additional degree of security, giving you absolute assurance that your valuable cigar collection will be safe and secure in the Axinite A5045. It’s a stronghold devoted to maintaining cigar quality, not simply a humidor.

13. Performance

 The Axinite A5045 not only met but beyond our expectations in every important area throughout our extensive testing. The humidification system functioned flawlessly, preserving the steady humidity level required for cigars to age properly. In addition to controlling humidity, the flawless seal served as a strong barrier that kept outside elements from altering the humidor’s internal temperature.

This flawless performance demonstrated the humidor’s unwavering dedication to excellence in preserving the perfect atmosphere for cigars. Throughout this musical performance, the precision thermometer and hygrometer were essential tools for ensuring that every cigar got the exact attention it needed. The Axinite A5045 continuously provided a high-end experience, combining design and function to enhance the craft of cigar making, from initial setup to daily use.

Axinite A5045 Woodronic Humidor

Woodronic Cigar Cabinet Humidor for 200-250 Cigars

  • $399

Woodronic Cigar Humidor Cabinet for 100-150 Cigars

  • $179.99


For any cigar fan, the Woodronic Humidor Axinite A5045 is an incredible purchase. Its sophisticated style, superb craftsmanship, and premium construction set the stage for a humidor that looks amazing and works incredibly well. The notable features—such as the accurate hygrometer, well-positioned thermometer, and dependable humidification system—showcase a careful approach to cigar keeping.

The airtight closure provides an additional degree of security, which highlights the humidor’s dedication to maintaining the integrity of your cigar collection. For those who value both design and utility in their cigar storage solution, the Axinite A5045 is worth the investment because of its easy setup, smooth functioning, and capacity that fits a range of cigar sizes. A humidor made by Woodronic enhances and safeguards the experience.

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1. Is it possible to fit different cigar sizes in the Axinite A5045?

Indeed, the humidor can hold cigars of different sizes thanks to its roomy capacity and movable shelves. You can arrange your collection however you like, with the Axinite A5045, whether you like Churchills or robustos.

2. Is there a warranty included with the humidor?

Woodronic guarantees the Axinite A5045’s quality. Usually, the humidor has a warranty that addresses manufacturing flaws. For detailed information about the warranty, please refer to the product documentation.

3. How can I keep an eye on the humidor’s temperature and humidity levels?

The Axinite A5045 has an integrated thermometer and a precision hygrometer. The internal humidor conditions are shown in real time by these instruments. The hygrometer’s digital display makes sure easy monitoring.

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