Herf a Dor Travel Humidor Review 2024

While I appreciate higher-end luxury things as much as the next person, it is simply not practical for me to consistently shop at the upper end.

When choosing a travel humidor, I consider a variety of factors. Durability comes first, followed by function and, ultimately, upkeep.

These are three critical factors that must be addressed during the purchasing process. I’m also incredibly possessive of my cigars.

To acquire the best smoke, we taste them, rest them, preserve them, and create the ideal environment in our personal humidors. Shouldn’t you carry your cigars in the same way?

1. Specifications

Type: Travel Humidor

Humidor Brand: Humi-care

Country of Origin: the U.S.A.;

Capacity:  5 to 40

Dimensions: 9 x 5 3/4 x 2 inches

Power Supply: NA

Ventilation: NA

Materials: Made of high-barrier plastic material

Hygrometer: NA

Humidifier: Yes

Humidity:  69%

Temperature control: Yes

2. Price & Rating

Price: $22.95

Rating: 4.4

3. Humidor Review

Key Features

Herf-a-Dors will provide the optimum performance for storing your cigars while travelling.

These impact-resistant ABS casings seal tightly, require minimal additional moisture, and are nearly waterproof.

They have foam liners to protect the wrappers from shock, and the 40-count features a valve to release the backpressure if you take it in checked luggage.


Upon unboxing, the humidor is securely packaged to prevent any damage during transit.

This reflects the manufacturer’s commitment to ensuring that customers receive their products in pristine condition, ready for immediate use.

Set up

Setting up the Harf e dor travel Cigar Humidor is a straightforward process, requiring minimal effort.

The included instructions provide clear guidance on seasoning the humidor, ensuring that it is ready for use in no time.


The foam does have a funny chemical smell so clean them properly.


It is made of plastic with the dimensions of 9 x 5 3/4 x 2 inches.


It has also added a spanish ceader veneer on the top, bottom and sides of the inside that didn’t take up any noticeable space at all.


Cigars stay fresh and it will hold 5 to 40 Churchill sized cigars although other sizes will fit. Capacity depends to the size you chose.

As with all cases and humidors, the overall number of cigars it carries is predicated on smaller 40ish ring cigars.

I packed roughly 12 cigars of varying sizes without the two foam separators, leaving only the top and bottom foam.

Humidification System

It has a nice foam lining and a humidifier built in it.

4. Pros & Cons

  • Safely Transports and humidifies up to 15 cigars with a maximum size of 8″ long with up to a 54 ring
  • Crush-proof ABS makes it so you never have to worry about your precious stogies
  • Waterproof
  • airtight
  • and ready for any adventure
  • Smell
  • Low capacity

Last Words

My initial impression was that I wanted something that felt luxurious.

I imagined that this would accompany me to and from work every day, getting knocked around and tossed in my car.

I decided to take a chance and placed the order.

When I received it, I was impressed. It felt solid, like a Pelican case.

herf a dor travel humidor

After opening it to investigate the inside, there is a generous amount of foam that forms well around your cigars.

The humidifier is present and operating.

To be honest, this is my go-to travel humidor, and it will remain so for quite some time.

You can’t go wrong with a case that costs less than $20. It accomplishes all it is supposed to, and it does so well.

If you’re looking for an everyday carry case that can withstand the punishment of any profession, I recommend the Herf-A-Dor.


What is the best way to humidify a humidor?

One option is to add a humidifier. There are numerous varieties of humidifiers on the market, so be sure you select one that is specifically built for usage in a cigar humidor. You can also try adding distilled water or a propylene glycol solution to your humidor.

What is a humidor?

A humidor is an attractive wooden box or room that maintains continuous humidity and allows you to store cigars. Proper cigar preservation is essential for keeping your stogie intact, as this can alter its flavour in the future. Cigars rely heavily on precise temperature and moisture levels to maintain optimal conditions.

How long will a humidor last?

If you buy a cigar humidor, maintain it, and store your cigars properly, they can live for years or even indefinitely, depending on the quality of your humidor.

How do I keep my humidor at 70% humidity?

We propose Boveda 2-way humidification packets. If you’re wondering how to keep your humidor at 70 percent humidity, Boveda is the finest solution. Only Boveda pouches employ a proprietary, all-natural salt solution to perfectly protect cigars by increasing or decreasing humidity as needed.

What liquid do you use in a humidor?

Distilled water and propylene glycol (commonly known as 50/50 solution) are ideal for your humidor since they are free of the harmful germs and contaminants that cause mould. A gallon of distilled water can be purchased at the supermarket or convenience store for about a dollar or two.

Do humidors need electricity?

The short answer is yes, electric cigar humidors are definitely worth it to ensure that your cigars are preserved at the correct temperature and humidity level.

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