Gurkha Cigars Toro Review 2024

Gurkha Cigars started out small and unplanned. When Kaizad Hansotis purchased the brand for a mere $149, he was in his twenties.

To sum up, he has benefited greatly from that investment.

Though the prices were small, Kaizad trusted his own judgement. He believed the quality was sufficient to distinguish it from the big boys.

However, in order to succeed, he had to improve the brand and make smoking cigars enjoyable.

A person wishing to move up from beginning cigars to something a little more serious will find the Gurkha Real Toro to be a medium-bodied smoke that suits their needs.

Rich and aromatic, the Dominican filler is wrapped in a gorgeously burning Ecuadorian Connecticut.

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During IPCPR 2019, Gurkha debuted a few new lines, one of which being the Gurkha Real.

This unique blend has a Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador, a binder from Dominica, fillers from Nicaraguan secos and Dominican criollo 98 ligero and seco. It’s characterised as having a medium body.

1. Price & rating

Price: $8.50

Rating: 95

2. Gurkha Cigars Toro Specifications

Vitola: Toro

Length: 6″

Ring Gauge: 54

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Dominican Republic (Olor)

Filler: Dominican Republic (Criollo 98), Nicaragua

Factory: Tabacalera Las Lavas S.R.L.

Blender: Undisclosed

Release Date: August 2019

Contributed by: Gurkha Cigars

3. Offered Viotals and Prices

Robusto (5 x 52) MSRP $8.00

Toro (6 x 54) MSRP $8.50

Churchill (7 x 52) MSRP $8.95

Magnum (6 x 60) MSRP $8.95

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4. Gurkha Toro Cigar Review

All in all, the Gurkha Real Toro was a tasty, although somewhat mediocre, flavour experience. The final third was off-kilter and did take away a little.

Due to its light profile, which is definitely more in line with a traditional Connecticut profile, it would be appealing to cigar enthusiasts who only smoke light cigars.

gurkha cigars toro review2

This cigar didn’t stand out from the other Connecticut products on the market, in my opinion. Both the construction and the burn were perfect.

Two hours and one minute was a really excellent total for smoking.

5. Gurkha Cigars Toro Looks & Feels

Each stick is first packaged snugly in cellophane, which helps maintain freshness if you are not near your humidor.

Fortunately, they all feature a perforated tag for simple opening, so even if you’re eager to open them, you won’t run the danger of breaking your smokes.

gurkha cigars toro review3

The Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador is golden brown, glossy, and smooth. The cigar appears to be straight and neat, with minimal seams.

6. Ash, Draw & burn

 It required many puffs to get the Toro running because the draw was a tad too loose. But after I got the cherry lit, I could enjoy some nice smoke creation while taking slow, leisurely draws.

My constancy only wavered around the hour and fifteen mark, when I was down to about half an inch. By then, the draw had become a touch hollow and the stogie’s integrity had begun to break.

gurkha cigars toro review4

Nevertheless, the burn was true and direct for the great part of the ninety-five-minute ride. It didn’t feel like a balancing act and kept around two inches of ash.

7. Gurkha Cigars Toro Flavors


The Gurkha Real Toro’s wrapper’s upper part is light golden brown, while the lower part is light, dull brown.

There are a few veins that are slightly elevated. The head is completed with a neatly attached set of caps, and the seams are seamless yet clearly noticeable because of the colour variety.

gurkha cigars toro review8

The major band features the firm name and emblem, while the secondary strip band bears the line name. Both bands are coloured in a combination of gold, white and black.

The foot adds a meatiness reminiscent of beef jerky to the wrapper’s scent of dry hay. The pre-light pull has an intriguing blend of flowery scent and black tea.

First Third

The cigar has a very subtle, creamy, and smooth flavour with a strong oaky aftertaste and a hint of black pepper. There are tonnes of smoke emissions.

gurkha cigars toro review5

It’s a lovely, open draw. The oaky finish gives way to a hint of black coffee growing on the finish.

The ash is crumbly and quite weak. A leather note protrudes inside.

Second Third

Draw is still good; it takes a little double puff to start going, but its fine after that.

The second third’s flavour elements are largely unchanged, although citrus zest is starting to emerge and toffee has disappeared.

Still smooth and vintage with a hint of cinnamon at the end.

gurkha cigars toro review6

It takes a few puffs to heat the cherry to the correct temperature and generate the right amount of smoke, which makes the draw more difficult.

Ash refuses to give up at two. To get it started for a draw, take nine puffs.

Final Third

The main ingredients in this combination are earth still and leather.

Although not the most nuanced flavour, it has been fairly reliable.

The retrohale is still revealing pepper. With about 3 inches remaining, the cigar started to load up a bit and became pretty harsh.

gurkha cigars toro review7

Final puff

All in all, this cigar was good. It would have been a treat if the draw had been less complicated—excellent flavour transitions with only a few additions and subtractions that mostly preserve the initial flavours.

In the hopes that the next cigar wouldn’t require as many puffs on the draw, I would purchase this one.

The Gurkha Real is a good Connecticut that will appeal to both beginners seeking something light and seasoned drinkers who will value its well-balanced flavour.

It’s not the world’s most sophisticated smoke, but it truly isn’t necessary. The only drawback to this laid-back cigar is that it’s fairly inexpensive for what it is.

I can see myself keeping a box of it on hand to go with my morning coffee following a night of hosting friends. We may all take pleasure in it in different ways while still having the same experience.


Which Gurkha cigar is the best?

Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars is known as best in Gurkha Cigars series.

Is Gurkha Beauty a good cigar?

Beauty is the smoothest, most opulent Gurkha available, and one of the best representations of the ultra-premium commodities in the Gurkha portfolio of companies. The display of each expertly made cigar in this box is only the start; within is an elegantly packed hefty glass tube.

Why are Gurkha cigars so expensive?

A handcrafted Gurkha cigar, loaded with the exceedingly rare Himalayan tobacco and diluted with Fiji water, is the priciest cigar in the world. Additionally, $165,000 worth of Remy Martin’s Black Louis XII cognac is incorporated into the tobacco.

Is Gurkha Ghost a good cigar?

There is true spirit in this ghost. After seeing the Gurkha Ghost, you’ll understand why there’s been so much excitement. A fantastic blend, visually striking packaging and a reasonable pricing point combine to create yet another Gurkha success. First comes the dark and seductive Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper used in the blend.

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